Outdoor Booking Rules

  1. Members may book up to 14 days in advance; the courts become available for booking from 7am.
  2. Members may book for a maximum of 3 consecutive 30 minute sessions. It is necessary to name all players in each session.
  3. Members may not book, nor be a named opponent, another court commencing straight after booking made in (2) above.
  4. Junior members (unless granted adult playing rights) can only book courts during junior playing times. (Briefly, Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, Saturdays 9am-2pm; after 5pm, Sundays 9am - 2pm; after 4pm). This booking system is not available for Mini tennis members.
  5. Court Bookings after 8pm - members are only permitted one per calendar week (i.e. as either booker or named player). However, if the booking is made within 2 days of start time, this will also be permitted. (Note : This is because floodlit courts are a limited resource and the Club wants to give as many members that wish the possibility of playing)
  6. Bookings are only valid for the designated court.
  7. Please remember to cancel bookings as soon as possible if you cannot use the court to give other members the chance to book
  8. During the Club Tournament season (2/6/18 - 8/7/18), priority is given to those members booking courts for their tournament matches (i.e. Club Championship or authorised outside tournaments, per Regulations). Members wishing to book a court for social play may only do so 2 days in advance (e.g. book on a Tuesday for court on a Thursday). The exception to this is Tuesday night mix-in where 2 courts have been made available for tournament matches; these courts can NEVER be booked for social play. If they are not booked, they revert to mix-in.
  9. Where we see an infringement of the booking rules and no opponent is named, the booking member will have 24 hours for the booking to be rectified (e.g. opponent commits). After the 24 hour grace period, if the booking irregularity remains, the booking will be automatically cancelled. For any other booking irregularities, the booking member will receive a warning email giving 24 hours to regularise.

Guests/ Visitors - Outdoors

  • A 'chargeable guest' is permitted to play at the Club for a maximum of 6 times a year.
  • Please select 'Guest - Fee payable' as the opponent when making your booking. (NOTE : if you are playing in an authorised outside tournament, no fee is payable)
  • Guests may NOT play under floodlights NOR at mix-in times
  • Junior guests may only play at Junior playing times
  • The fee for a Senior guest is £4; Junior guest is £2. The only exceptions to payment of a visitor's fee are for opponents in Club authorised individual matches which are Surrey County LTA and National LTA
  • The fee must be paid before play and 'posted' through the Bar door letter box with details entered in the Visitors' Book in the clubhouse
  • Any member who does not pay this fee at the time of play will be invoiced for twice the amount due

About this squash & tennis court reservation system

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